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Foreign Exchange

Photo Credit: http://ocw.mit.edu/ans7870/21f/21f.027/rise_fall_canton_04/gallery_places/pages/cwC_1805_E78680_Flags.htm Before 1842, Canton (Guangzhou) was the only port in China open to foreigners. After losing the Opium/Trade War to the British, the Chinese government finally gave in to British demands, conceding the right to trade in five … Continue reading

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Photo Credit: Brown University Library Growing up, I never found it appealing to work in a factory.  But now that I know its significance, I see the “beauty” of manufacturing.  Unfortunately, it took me around 15 years to understand the … Continue reading

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Photo Credit: Charles Whitman 1904 I’ve always wanted to write about this topic because there are many examples that show that limitations merely prevent us from pursuing one option, while leaving us no choice but to pursue other options. Helen … Continue reading

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