Hi, this is Ken T.  I’m currently an online English tutor catering mostly to Japanese students.  I applied for that job so I could devote my mornings to reading and studying.  But I also enjoy it and it’s been an incredible experience.  Previously, I’ve worked in call centers and I’ve learned a lot during that time.  I learned important things that weren’t taught in school, things that I feel should be taught in school – like Sales Training.  So I am writing for educational reform, as well as social and economic reform.

I come from a beautiful country still struggling with poverty, despite a growing middle class.  More has to be done.  I will quote a line by Padre Florentino from El Filibusterismo, a novel by the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal:  “Marami rin sa atin ang mabuhay lang ng maginhawa ay hindi bale ang mahirapan ang kapwa…Ang ugali natin ay sarili muna bago ang kapwa.  Dapat bang bigyan ng kalayaan ang ganyang Pilipino?”

I didn’t like the translation of Project Gutenberg so I will translate it myself:  “There are many amongst us who upon achieving comfortable living, find it acceptable that our fellow countrymen are suffering…Our character is — self before others.  Is that the kind of Filipino that deserves freedom?”  Self and Others are not mutually exclusive.  Who said it was anyway?

Let’s END POVERTY.  I know the thought is crazy, but intractable is not the same as impossible.  At least let’s start talking about it.

9 Responses to About

  1. Daniel says:

    Very impressive writing. I love it.

  2. Lloyd says:

    I really like and agree with your latest post. I’ve been living in the US now for almost 14 years, and have gotten to know how the government works and the politics. I think that the politicians here and around the world can do a better job if only they have a better understanding of the issues and a real interest in coming up with real reforms and solutions for its people. And yes, it definitely goes back to an understanding and knowledge of the country’s history and what this nation was built on.

    Good stuff!

  3. Lloyd says:

    just saw clips of Jerry Maguire and I thought of you and your Mission Statement back in High School 🙂 hope all is well.

    • Hahahaha!!!!!!! I was not prepared for the hardships that came but there was a reason for it all…after I dropped out and started buying my own books, I didn’t know that that’s what I needed to do…as you said — study the issues. I just thought like everybody else before — Get my degree and everything would follow — but that was not the way for someone who had that Mission Statement. Now that I have studied and read up on so much, I’m just giving it my all.

      • Lloyd says:

        I may still have a copy of your Mission Statement somewhere in my room. I brought many high school memorabilia when I moved to New York in 2000.

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