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Embracing Individuality | γνῶθι σεαυτόν

Photo Credit: Skhaen Before entering college, when I was looking through a college brochure to decide what course of study to take, this immediately grabbed my attention: AB Interdisciplinary Studies The course of studies in this program is highly flexible … Continue reading

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My Photo: The yearbooks that I have from my childhood in Saudi Arabia and the US. The Filipino word Balikbayan is a combination of the words “balik” meaning to return, and “bayan” meaning home country.  It “refers to overseas Filipinos including … Continue reading

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Perception ~ Experience

For a long time growing up, I let people’s perception of me hurt my feelings.  Fortunately, there are many other people in the world we can meet who will appreciate us for who we are. A person can simply like … Continue reading

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Video Credit: ACSPPA/AMLC The word “anak” means child in many Malayo-Polynesian languages, including that of my country the Philippines.  It has also been used for the title of a Filipino song and movie, giving it the depth this word deserves. … Continue reading

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