Positive Ripple Effect (2)Photo Credit: Michael Melgar

There are so many issues going on all the time that it’s easy to get lost in all the negativity.  But unless we have absolutely nothing positive in our lives, should we add to the negativity?

Despite all the economic gains that Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino has made, I am amazed at the negativity coming from people around me.  I believe this is the result of years of the Philippines’ stagnant development which has enabled negativity to fester.  So now, even with the Philippines’ first ever investment grade, I hear Filipinos saying, “Hindi umaasenso ang Pilipinas” (English: The Philippines is not progressing).

If we say things like that, does that mean we’re doing our part to improve the country?

And…are we valuing what we have?

Because if we don’t, are we deserving of it?

Pin spotlight darkness

There will always be adversity.

But can we appreciate what we have without it?

If we focus on the positive and not add to the negativity, we become the light instead of the darkness.

Personally, I am not good at focusing on the positive when it comes to people who have caused me vexation or pain.  So it’s not automatic.  But I realized that I can consciously decide to focus on the positive things about those people instead on dwelling on all the negative things.

If we can consciously focus on the positive, then our attitude will not have a negative effect on others.

And if we cherish what we have, then we will be happier because of it.

Toggle light switchPhoto Credit: Funpika

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