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Photo Credit: Michael Melgar There are so many issues going on all the time that it’s easy to get lost in all the negativity.  But unless we have absolutely nothing positive in our lives, should we add to the negativity? … Continue reading

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Photo Credit: Ric Manning On January 27, 1973, the Paris Peace Accords on “Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam” was signed — even though South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu had demanded changes to it which could not … Continue reading

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The Perfect State

Photo Credit: Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. One time I was having a lesson with one of my Japanese students and during our discussion he was complaining about corruption in his country.  The whole time I was thinking, “If he … Continue reading

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Even though I see the beauty of religious architecture, I am appalled at the horrific bloodshed at the expense of religion.  I have wondered how I could believe in religion given those facts.  But despite all the conflicts, and even … Continue reading

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