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Photo Credit: неизвестен In Eastern Christianity and other icon-painting Christian traditions, the icon is generally a flat panel painting depicting a holy being or object such as Jesus, Mary, Saints, Angels, or the cross.  Icons may also be cast in … Continue reading

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Photo Credit: Justin Clements On the Swahili Coast and nearby islands of East Africa, Persian and Arab culture mixed with that of the local Bantu people because of their trading settlements which they had established.  This intricately carved door embodies … Continue reading

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Malaysia, Truly Asia

(I am sorry that this post comes on the heels of a related incident.  But I had already planned beforehand to publish this post this week and if I don’t publish it now, I don’t know when I will be … Continue reading

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How can we know what all our choices are? Can we know simply based on what we’ve been told or shown? It would be easier if that was true, but is it? If we simply had to be told or … Continue reading

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