1904 Charles Whitman Helen Adams Keller rose reading Braille bookPhoto Credit: Charles Whitman 1904

I’ve always wanted to write about this topic because there are many examples that show that limitations merely prevent us from pursuing one option, while leaving us no choice but to pursue other options.

Helen Keller is the best example of this.  Being both blind and deaf led her to focus on her senses of touch and smell.  Her sense of smell was so keen that she could distinguish a person’s line of work based on a person’s odor.

Her limitations also didn’t prevent her from earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree, becoming a prolific author, becoming a member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, campaigning for women’s suffrage, labor rights, socialism, and other radical left causes, being inducted into the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame in 1971, and traveling.

So when we do have limitations, shouldn’t we just focus on finding other ways to accomplish our goals?

Computex Taipei trade show foreign investors technology

Photo Credit: Rico Shen

Another example I want to discuss is a socio-economic one.  Countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore are limited by their lack of natural resources.  But this limitation led Taiwan and Singapore to focus on foreign direct investment into the manufacturing sector, and all four to focus on industrialization.

So, what if we don’t have limitations?  Why don’t we explore as many options as we can?

If we don’t, wouldn’t we be limiting ourselves?

Carl Spitzweg circa 1850 The Bookworm


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