Art Class: Entrepreneurship

Art Class can encourage students to become entrepreneurial through topics such as:

1. Logo/Packaging Design – Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup even inspire artwork.

Coca Cola Bottle Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup Can Pop Art

Photo Credit: Hariadhi Thomas Altfather Good

2. Business Signs & Typography

Freeman, Hardy & Willis Sign typography design

Photo Credit: OLU

3. Folk Art/Design (for the really artistic ones) – because cultural art forms are in danger of being lost

Jaw harp handle Mindanao Maranao horn with brass studs Honolulu Museum of Art

This is from the Maranao culture, a Philippine ethnic group.  They are mostly Islamic and their art is inspired by the tropics and water.

I know that not everyone can go to a school that can afford a great arts program.  But the first 2 topics I suggested do not require a lot of money to conduct.

I do not believe that art is impractical because it can be applied in business.   How successful would Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup be if their designs did not look as good as that?

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