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Curitiba’s Farois de Saber (Lighthouses of Knowledge)

Photo Credit: Maximilian Dörrbecker I learned about Curitiba through Newsweek, which is highly informative and great for enriching vocabulary.  The issue was Vol. CXLIX No. 16/17. April 16/April 23, 2007: Curitiba: Tending to Small Things By the swollen standards of the … Continue reading

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Business Ideas Etc.

When I got my first job as a call center agent, there were two options: 1) be a Customer Service Representative and receive calls in order to assist customers or 2) be a telemarketer which of course involves selling.  I … Continue reading

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Why “Seek Knowledge even in China”?

Photo Credit: Wiggum “Seek knowledge even in China” was one of the sayings that was associated with the Abbasid Era of the Islamic Empire, which implied that knowledge should be sought regardless of the source, regardless if it was non-Islamic, … Continue reading

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